Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are these services safe on my account?

Your safety is our main concern, so we only provide 100% real instagram followers and likes which are total safe for your account and your account cannot be suspended under any conditions so we guarantee your account safety!

Can i make an order while my account is private?

No, you have to make sure your account is “Public” to enable us deliver the followers, likes or views, then you can change it back to “Private” after your order get finished.

Can i cancel or pause my order?

Unfortunately, once the order got started we will not be able to cancel or pause your order.

Do you have a refund policy?

Sure, whenever we failed to fulfill your order within maximum 72 hours, we will refund you immediately.

Do you have a confidentiality agreement?

We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ personal information, and we guarantee the information for all orders will not be disclosed or discussed with anyone.

Payment Methods

Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?

All payments are secure 128-bit SSL encrypted with no sensitive financial information being saved to our servers.

How can i pay to order the services?

You can pay directly using your credit/debit card or using your PayPal account.

Do you have other payment methods?

Yes we accept ACH, bank transfers and western union transfers.

Instagram Followers

Can i get targeted followers from a certain country?

We can target followers from the following countries: Brazil, Russia, Turkey, and India. Please contact us before adding an order if you want to get targeted followers.

From where are the following i will receive?

Our followers are real worldwide followers.

Will the followers keep following me?

Because of the last instagram updates, we don’t guarantee the followers. It may get dropped at anytime and we won’t be able to refill or refund.

Can i order more than 10,000 followers?

Sure, we can provide millions of real followers and for order above 10,000 followers, please contact us for pricing.

Can you spread my followers over many days?

Sure, we can control the speed of your order. Please contact us before placing your order to help you.

Instagram Likes

Can i divide the likes evenly over many posts?

Sure, while you are placing your order you can select which posts to receive the likes and you can divide the likes over up to 10 posts.

Can you increase my likes slowly?

Yes, if you need the likes to be slow not instant, just contact us before your place your order and we will help you.

Instagram Views

Are the views from real accounts?

Totally yes, we only provide 100% real views from real active instagram users.

How long it takes to deliver the views?

All orders start instantly and you will get your views delivered within few minutes.

Can i divide the views evenly over many posts?

Sure, while you are placing your order you can select which posts to receive the views and you can divide the views over up to 10 posts.

Automatic Likes

Can i get certain number of likes per post?

Of course, if you need a custom package of automatic likes with an exact number of likes other than the listed packages, just contact the support and they will help you.

Can i get slower likes for my automatic likes package?

Sure, just contact the support and they will help you control the speed of likes for your package.

How many posts can i upload per day?

You can upload up maximum one post per day.

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